Low-Dust Machinery Aiding Almond Harvesting

Exact Products were recently featured in an article by AgAlert on the topic of minimizing dust during Almond Harvest. Check out the article by AgAlert. Watch the video explanation on how the Exact Dust Reduction system works. A low-dust harvester makes its way through one of Jonathan Cloward’s almond orchards near Ripon. Cloward bought one of the machines last year …

Not all farming practices are the same!

The photos below are from a recent visit our very own President & Owner John Flora had to Chile! We are very proud to see our products internationally! John took a trip to Chile to visit our client and do a demo of the equipment.

Walnut board recognizes dust cutting technology

In addition to almond growers, many walnut growers are also seeing the benefits of removing the dust from their harvesting operation. You can read the full article by clicking this link.

Walnut growers gain huge savings with our E-Z Prep Conditioner

We’re getting great reviews from our new E-Z Prep Conditioner. Especially exciting for us are the things we’re hearing from walnut growers. We love our almond grower friends, of course, and they are the primary users of our conditioners. However, we’re hearing that walnut farmers are having great success with the E-Z Prep Conditioner. They’re able to cut down on …

US patent office grants another patent to Exact Corp

At Exact Corp, we are extremely concerned with research and innovation in the harvesting industry that will benefit nut growers for years to come. We care deeply about perfecting our machinery and thereby adding value to your growing process. In keeping with these standards, Exact was recently granted our fourth patent from the United States Patent Office concerning our innovative …