About Us

At our roots, we’re farmers too

When it comes to creating harvesting equipment, it really takes more than an engineering degree to get the job done. That’s why we’re proud of our heritage – we love the farming industry just as much as you do, and that shows up in our machines.

Three generations of harvesting

Our family has been almond farmers for three generations in the central valley of California. Since 1977, we have served the California almond farmer as a contract harvesting company called Golden Valley Harvesting Incorporated. This family business has grown through the years due to our steadfast commitment to meet the needs of our customers. Golden Valley Harvesting is currently responsible for the mechanical harvesting of more than 13,000 acres of almonds annually from Kern County to Stanislaus County.

In 1993, another family business was born. Golden Valley Ag. Incorporated was founded to meet the increasing need of almond growers for reliable orchard management services. From specific operations such as pesticide applications or orchard mowing, to complete year-around orchard management programs, Golden Valley Ag has become a valuable ally for many California almond growers.

These many years of experience in the field with farmers throughout the central valley have taught us very well, the importance of being able to change, adapt, and innovate, to meet the unpredictable and demanding challenges of the agricultural industry. We understand the necessity of “going the extra mile” to get the job done.

Our mission is to enable farmers

Our mission is to give California nut farmers the tools they need to continue farming successfully today and for generations to come.