Innovation by Design

From our founding to our future, our core is innovation

Since the equipment at Exact is built by farmers, for farmers, we are commited to making the farmer’s work more productive, safe, and profitable. In short, we’re commited to innovation. In other words, we think of ourselves as “on your side” – looking for ways to raise the bar for the quality of equipment and farming processes that you have at your disposal to work with. We want our actions to speak louder than our words, so we’ve gathered a short list of ways that we’re actively innovating for your sake.

Why we patent our technology

We’ve never been content with the status quo. That’s why we are constantly thinking of ways to improve your experience in the field. We seek patents on our technology in order to show that are committed to ensuring that you as a farmer have the best tools possible. Our machines have consistently introduced new options to the industry, and we want you to know that we are serious about continuing that legacy.

US Patent Issued January 8, 2013
Dust Suppression System

US Patent Issued June 5, 2012
Dust Suppression System

US Patent Issued November 15, 2011
Dust Suppression System

US Patent Issued August 3, 2010
Low-profile Rotary Sweeper