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We firmly believe in the innovation and durability of our equipment. Go ahead, kick the tires, sit in the driver’s seat, and take ‘em for a spin. You’ll see the difference Exact can make.

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Exact Corp Sweepers


Our Sweepers have revolutionized the almond harvesting industry, designed from the ground up with the farmer in mind. Our sweepers mimimize your harvest dust problems and maximize your efficiency.

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Exact Corp Harvesters


Don’t get left in the dust! Our Harvesters bring a new standard to almond harvesting equipment by eliminating your harvest dust issues, improving productivity, and allowing for greater operator safety.

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Exact Corp Conditioners


Take control of the “waiting game” with our E-Z Prep Conditioners. Use these machines to turn your product, removing sticks, grass, and leaves and evenly metering the cleaned product into the middle of the row.

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Exact Corp Orchard Cabs

Orchard Cabs

Our Exact custom orchard cabs built for John Deere are the most popular low profile cabs on the market today. Protect your orchards and vineyards while offering maximum comfort and visibility for the operator.

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Exact Corp Herbicide Sprayer

Herbicide Sprayer

Our sprayers are designed & built to serve your spraying operation year after year, after year, after year.

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Exact E-770 Reservoir Cart


Our Reservoir Cart completes our Exact harvesting equipment with the capacity that you need!

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