Exact E-5000M Orchard Cab

We do all of our own cab installations here at Exact, paying careful attention to every detail throughout the meticulous process, ensuring that our cabs have the same durable and rugged quality that growers have come to expect from Exact products.

We realized that farmers would be eager to take advantage of the new lower emissions of the IT4 engine, but were concerned about the increased height of the engine hood. We’ve taken a major step at solving those issues with our new cab – it features the same great visibility of our other cabs, while allowing you to utilize the emissions benefits of the new Tier 4 engine.

The windows in the E-Cab are made from special glass over ½ inch thick mounted in an extruded aluminum frame. Because there is no rubber seal exposed to stubborn branches, you no longer need to add protective bars or expanded metal that hinder operator visibility. Our five year warranty on these windows let you know that your days of struggling to keep windows in an orchard cab are finally over.

Our E-5000M cabs are pressurized, heated, and air conditioned for operator comfort. We have charcoal air filters available for added protection. Rear window access makes it convenient to hook or unhook implements. Nothing has been missed in the design of our cabs.

E-5000M Quick Facts

  • Retain visibility despite the increased engine hood height
  • Pressurized orchard cab
  • ½” inch Hehr window system with 5-year warranty
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Maintains R.O.P.S.
  • Heated and air-conditioned
  • Orchard fenders included
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Equipment Details

Limb Lifters

Limb Lifters

Keep limbs from hitting your windshield and get them moved out of the way.

John Deere Green


Get an unmatched view of your orchard in a safe and climate controlled cab!



Fender options available to fit your tractor style and cab.