Walnut growers gain huge savings with our E-Z Prep Conditioner

We’re getting great reviews from our new E-Z Prep Conditioner. Especially exciting for us are the things we’re hearing from walnut growers. We love our almond grower friends, of course, and they are the primary users of our conditioners.

However, we’re hearing that walnut farmers are having great success with the E-Z Prep Conditioner. They’re able to cut down on the manual labor traditionally required to remove sticks and debris from the harvest, and they are sending a cleaner product to the processor.

Here is a quick list of the benefits of using our E-Z Prep Conditioner for walnut harvesting (and be sure to check out the before / after photos at the end of this article):

  • Eliminate the need for stick removal hand crews.
  • Increase efficiency of your harvester.
  • Leave more hulls in the orchard.
  • Leave sticks at the orchards edge.
  • Send cleaner product to the processor.

Prior to Conditioning

After Conditioning

Sticks extracted by the conditioner