Exact E-6000 Shaker

The delicate balance.
You need to get the crop off your trees but you don’t want to hurt them. Our industry has thrown more horse power at this process to increase nut removal but unfortunately, too often, this has resulted in increased damage to our trees.

E-6000 Quick Facts

  • Free floating boom design promotes tree health
  • Boom angle adjustable from cab for flexible tree approach
  • Innovative new shake pattern for improved crop removal
  • Large front window provides superior visibility
  • Efficient hydraulic system with fuel saving 4 cylinder engine
  • Isolated cab for cooler, quieter operator comfort
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Exact E-6000 Shaker

Equipment Details



Allows for self-centering shaker head with less preload on tree and more isolation from chassis.

Constant Throttle

Constant Throttle

Less driver fatigue and more consistent shake.


Automated Variable Shake Pattern

Hydraulically driven variable head to change the shake pattern in mid-shake.